“In case of notary document, no problem”

Deputy Justice Minister Aram Orbelyan believes people need to change that stereotype.


New draft law on “Notary” has been developed. Before adopting the new edition of the law, the Justice Ministry organized seminar on “Prospects of developing notary system in Armenia”.   

Deputy Justice Minister Aram Orbelyan answers iravaban.net questions. 



– How different is the new law on “Notary” from the current one?  

– The new draft is significantly different. The notary reforms launched in 2001 have not been accomplished, considering previous social context and other factors. We are now planning to introduce a Latin notary system.  It will deliver full notary responsibility which is currently limited. This will lead to on-window approach at notary office. This will create grounds for electronic notary system which is under preparatory way already. It will regulate notary office procedures and notary appointment system, certain inheritance peculiarities, etc.


– What do such seminars give in terms of law?  

Seminars have two positive sides. In developing laws we can’t base on being the smartest and having the best solutions. In discussions, we often bring out issues that we never suspected before and which could complicate things later. :

Through the seminars we also inform the society about envisaged changes. When these seminars lead to amending law, we will have both better law and more informed and prepared for it public.


Nune Hovsepyan

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