Can a Notary Office provide a Certificate of Ownership? Notary Public Clarifies

A citizen addressing the notary can sign a purchase and sale of the real estate, donation and /or other agreements.

Currently the citizen can apply online to the Real Estate Cadastre at the RA Government, and register online the rights issuing from the agreement through the Notary public and receive the Certificate of Ownership signed by the Notary Public.

The latter is one of the implemented reforms in accordance with which the citizen does not have to apply for a transaction to different agencies.

Hasmik Harutyunyan, Chairperson of the RA Notary Chamber, Notary Public of Kentron District.

“Public Notary Clarifies” heading is the joint initiative of and the Notary Chamber of the RA, which is aimed to raise the level of legal awareness of the population.

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