Defendant found innocent applies to the judge:

– I don’t know how to thank you.
– There’s no issue here ever since people invented money.

For an official corruption is a pleasant woman which one prefers to flirt with rather than fight…

Customs official looks up the luggage of a new arriver and says:
– Hi there, so let’s decide which of these things are yours and which are mine.

A newly hired official asks a friend:
– Please tell me what are the working conditions here.
Friend says:
– First year, you need to be totally honest, second year – partly and the third year – feel free to steal.
– Oh,- says the official,- how am I going to make it through the first two years? Am I strong enough?

Armenian peculiarity – stealing from road construction, then buying a fancy car and driving on bad roads.


A man walks into the tax office.
– What is your problem, – the tax officer asks.
– Frankly, nothing. Just waned to see the people who end up taking my money.

Our country’s dream is to have fully healthy and wealthy citizens, who regularly pay taxes and pass away on the day of retiring.

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