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115 Million AMD appropriated from the State. The Defendant claims high ranking Officials

Today, the case on Misak Martirosyan, Ex-Head of the Judicial Department and 13 others took place in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash Administrative Districts of Yerevan City, presiding Judge Arshak Vardanyan.

The defendant made the last plea. Misak Martirosyan mentioned that he had worked over 20 years in different institutions that deal with different branches of justice area and hold different positions.

With regard to the criminal case Martirosyan mentioned that it has been turned into a show. “The prosecutor of Yerevan of those days, the current Deputy Prosecutor General, has his interest in this case, I mean he is trying to take a personal revenge, as I did not fulfill his request and did not want to become their stooge. This is the reason that I was relieved from the prosecution system,” said the accused and added that the high ranking officials had the objective to encroach on the judiciary.

“They tried to make me testify that the Chairman of the Court of Cassation was aware of the alleged crimes. In case I had provided the testimony, the Chairman of the Court Of Cassation would have deserved our fate. However all this has been turned into a show, because during the same period, another criminal case was initiated in respect of registration of dead ‘souls’”- Mr. Martirosyan said.

According to him the prosecutor absolutely does not care to what extent M. Martirosyan and others are related to that 115 million AMD, as the prosecutor has not justified the charge. In conclusion of his last plea Misak Martirosyan asked the court to take a verdict in a manner if it was going to make a verdict with themselves if they appear in the dock.

Today, some defendants refused to make the last plea, others asked the court to take the verdict. Only defendant Gegham Grigoryan’s advocates Tigran Atanesyan asked the court to provide additional time for the defendant to be able to make the last plea. Prosecutor did not object and the judge decided to provide one additional week to Gegham Grigoryan to prepare for the last plea. The next court hearing was set on 13 July.

Laura Mamyan


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