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“It was in Armenian, but not understandable,” Former Head of Judicial Department

On 18 May, the court case of Misak Martirosyan, the former head of the Judicial Department and others was continued in the absence of the advocate Tigran Artanesyan, who defends Gegham Grigorynan’s rights. The defendant Gegham Grigoryan wanted to have the second defender of his rights as well, and thus Advocate Lilit Boyajyan will protect his rights in the framework of the case as well.

Gegham Grigoryan was charged for the fact that he had been involved in a theft of especially large amount for a long time after receiving the consent of the head of Judiciary Department State Administrative entity Misak Martirosyan, and in cooperation with the latter and a group of officials in the period of 2009-2013 had theft an especially large amount of money from the funds allocated from the state budget as a remuneration of the employees of the Judicial Department, which amounted to 115.782.033 AMD.

Notably at the previous court session the prosecutor had filed a motion to change the indictment against several defendants. The court granted the motion.

Today the defendants and their advocates expressed their position on that motion. Misak Martirosyan’s advocate considered it as not a petition but something like a “medieval record”. The defendant in his turn said that though the petition was in Armenian language, yet it was not understandable.

Gayane Gevorgyan


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