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Instead of the Speech the Prosecutor filed a Motion

Today, the regular court session on the case of the former head of the Judicial Department “Misak Martirosyan and Others” took place in the Criminal Court of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts of Yerevan.

The defense was supposed to hold a speech at the previous court session. However the defender failed to appear to the session. Prosecutor Hakob Melkonyan announced that he failed to appear at the previous court session since he had some health problems. During this session he filed a motion, stating that it will help him to prepare for the speech. He asked to resume the trial and call the accused Satenik Hovhannisyan, Rshtuni Asikyan, the first deputy of the judicial department and Rustam Margaryan, an official of the Ministry of Finance for interrogation.

Misak Martirosyan and his defender Vardan Zurnachyan made an objection against the motion. Misak Martirosyan mentioned/stated/claimed that the prosecution is trying to delay the hearing as much as possible. The accused said, “They are just killing the time. These are illegal activities carried out by the prosecution who just want to delay the hearing.

Judge Arshak Vardanyan satisfied the motion of the accused Misak Martirosyan. The accused Satenik Hovhannisyan was called for interrogation. The accused announced that in most cases she calculated salary on annual basis. She compiled the estimate, which was confirmed by her and the head of the service. Then it was sent to the judicial department. Satenik Hovhannisyan claimed that she does not have any idea how the documents were sent to the Ministry of Finance and were returned.

The prosecutor also filed a motion, stating that the compiled estimates should be presented to him.

The next court session is appointed on 27 April.

The former head of the Judicial Department and other officials of the entity were charged in creating a stable group in 2009-2013 and embezzlement of a sum of around 115.782.033 AMD from the State Budget of the RA. Misak Martirosyan was charged in two episodes on taking large bribe as well.

Yelena Aramyan


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