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Investigator’s “Fast” Job astonished the Defendant

On 9 March the regular court session on the case Misak Martirosyan and Others took place in the Criminal Court of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative District of Yerevan. During the session Misak Martirosyan’s advocate filed a motion requesting to invite the investigator who examined the case. Defendant Misak Martirosyan joined the advocate’s motion. He said it was doubtful that the investigator was able to question several people in the same day during the investigation. “How could it happen that 4 people were questioned within two hours? How did the investigator manage to do this?” said the defendant.

Armen Movsisyan’s advocate Yerem Sargsyan filed a motion as well. He requested to invite the witnesses Tatevik Movsisyan and Armine Harutyuntyan to the court. He informed that during the trial the witnesses submitted some applications according to which Misak Martirosyan’s wife Armine Harutyunyan, did not want to come to the court and testify on her husband’s case. As for Tatevik Harutyunyan, she was out of the country and was not able to attend the court session. Judge Arshak Vardanyan decided to reject the petition.

Defendant Gegham Grigoryan’s advocate Tigran Atanesyan, also filed a petition asking the court to declare inadmissible the testimonies of some witnesses and defendants that the latter provided against his client. The prosecution objected, arguing that there were no grounds for the motion.

The court decided to examine the motions in more detail and the trial was postponed until 16 March.

Yelena Aramyan


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