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“The Ordinary Crime was turned to Show.” 115 Million Embezzlement Case

Today, Misak Martirosyan was questioned in the court on the case of the former head of the Judicial Department and others.

The former head of the judicial department and other officials of the entity were charged in creating a stable group in 2009-2013 and embezzlement of a sum of around 115.782.033 AMD from the State Budget of the RA. Misak Martirosyan was charged in two episodes on taking large bribe as well.

Misak Martirosyan described the charge in the court as a show, “Some people tried to take an advantage of the crime which was committed in 2013, this ordinary crime was turned into show. All this noise was raised only for one reason, so that some people in Yerevan Prosecutor’s Office can take an advantage of it. Everything was done to file an indictment. The charges brought were so fake and fabricated that after filing an indictment on 1 October 2013, its volume was changed for four times. Moreover, the accusation is so false, that it contains the element of the crime itself”the defendant said.

Further he referred to the episodes on bribery and presented his position denying the accusation. The defendant argued that the evidences on the episodes were taken under the pressure. “The investigation was carried out under the terrible conditions. The accusations of bribery episodes are false.” In fact, the trial court based on this report made a motion to the General Prosecutor’s Office to control the arguments about the authenticity of the alleged assaults.

Then the defendant revealed the biased attitude of the preliminary investigation body. He represented the pressure applied against the defendant, former deputy head of the institution Armen Movsisyan. He mentioned that the preliminary investigation body always controlled that person. “Such terror that he underwent and which was brought against him and his family, the methods of the pressure that he faced made him agree to bargain,” the defendant said.

He said that the preliminary investigation body had been interested in constructing the charge against him. “Two hundred employees were interrogated. The same questions in different formulations were asked to them whether Misak Martirosyan had employed them after taking bribe. The questions were given with an intention to fabricate an episode of bribe on Misak Martirosyan. I have written for eight times to the Prosecutor General asking not to give the case to Hrachik Badalyan, one of his deputies because the latter had an interest in the case.” During the trial a dispute occurred between the defendant and the prosecutor Sasun Khachatryan.

During the interrogation, the defendant stated that four bodies had conducted inspections of the department during his tenure, and had not recorded any violations.


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