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Contradictions in the Testimonies of the Witnesses of the case of Judicial Department`s Former Head

Many contradictions have been revealed in the testimonies of the witnesses of the case of the former head of the Judicial Department today at the court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Communities.

Witness Arman Karapetyan, as he stated, had been willing to get a job at the Court bailiffs` system and so had submitted his documents, and he said at the court that he didn`t know Gegham Grigoryan. In the preliminary investigation testimonies he stated that he had met “some Grigoryan”. Later on judge Arshak Vardanyan quoted an excerpt from the preliminary investigation testimony, where the witness and defendant had a conversation. Judge asked whether the mentioned conversation took place, the witness initially denied that fact, and then gave a positive response, which made judge angry. “You give different answers within 5 seconds, and I don`t understand that, you should orientate yourself”, said Mr Vardanyan.

Another witness Mikayel Ayvazyan had forgotten the excerpt of his preliminary investigation testimony, where  he touched upon Gegham Grigoryan`s name. He also applied for a job at the judicial department, submitted the copies of his employment booklet and other documents. Some time later he was informed via a phone call that he had been accepted to work in the court of general jurisdiction of Ararat and Vayots Dzor regions. Mikayel Ayvazyan rejected this job offer justifying, as he stated, the distance of the workplace from his residence place, and also the salary was low.

The court found incoherence in the testimonies of this witness in terms of a private conversation he had with one of the employees of the judicial department, which he didn`t say anything about. In the preliminary investigation testimonies it was mentioned that the witness informed in the central office of the judicial department that he couldn`t take the job, he was accompanied to a person named Gegham, to whom he said that the job does not fit him, so Gegham told that they would find a proper job and call him. After announcing this testimony, the witness said that this had happened.



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