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Davit Khachatryan accidentally shot Lyuks Stepanyan

Today, on September 22 Criminal Court of Appeals continued the hearing of Yeremrem Sargsyan`s complaint – lawyer of Davit Khachatryan accused of soldier Lyuks Stepanyan`s murder.

During the investigation he stated that his defendant did not shoot in the direction of Lyuks Stepanyan intentionally, but it was an accident. He brought the court`s attention to the fact that Davit Khachatryan, being in military service, did not violate the rules of procedure and did not leave the guardsman`s position. “So how could Davit Khachatryan intentionally shoot in the direction of Lyuks Stepanyan?”, asked Yerem Sargsyan.

To prove his point the lawyer said that Lyuks Stepanyan and Davit Khachatryan initially were joking with each other and there was no enmity, though the court of first instance stated the contrary.

Concluding, the advocate said that his defendant just violated the rules of using a weapon. “He didn`t have an intention to commit a murder”.

Davit Khachatryan aslo spoke up ans restated that he didn`t fire the weapon intentionally. “It isn`t important how long I`ll be imprisoned, it is important that I am judged for what I have done, and not for what I am said to have done”, he said, and to the question of the judge as of “What have you done?”, he answered that he had violated only the terms of weapon usage.

The court sitting was postponed.


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