We are social, but there are issues that need to be paid attention to. I have always tried to understand people to start begging for money becoming bums and making it lifestyle.
Of course, many of them do not volunteer to be bums and court system also take away apartments from many people. People may ask how come some of them become bums but not all. Today a great deal of people do not receive state support to satisfy their needs. On the other hand, many of them choose that lifestyle. Recently a pauper at a bus station was asked why he is not applying for state support, he said “I can’t live otherwise or in any other place”. This is just another fact of life that needs to be taken into account.
The painful part is that sometimes children are exploited in these situations which is illegal. The practice is also forbidden by the UN Convention on Children’s rights.
State develops annual program which includes children’s protection and social security.
At the same time in New York the public cheered supplying with all necessary products to 22 homeless children. According to US law of 1964 homeless people are not allowed to stray in streets. Police arrested over 1000 homeless people over the past years. New law prescribes them 1-10 thousand USD as reimbursement. In total, homeless people will receive 15 million USD.
In Armenia social security envisages special chapters and attention to children’s needs. In this regards, it is not enough to just provide social support to homeless children, but also preventive measures must be implemented. This must be made a priority area for all. Our state provides 60 days of shelter to such children. I think you will agree that state support should not be limited to 60 days.
Children are our future. We must teach our children to appreciate life and its bright sides. Such children fall out of society and tramp around garbage piles and see the wrong kind of life. They are deprived to childhood.
The fact that children must grow up in a dignified environment is also included in a number of international conventions. The Constitution of Armenia also says that “Man and his rights, dignity and liberties are the highest value”.

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