Arpine Hovhannisyan: “One shouldn’t counter women’s quality of motherhood and womanhood to her social role”. discussed the role of women in state affairs with candidate of doctorate of law, YSU lecturer Arpine Hovhannisyan. 


– Goethe once said: “Right is human’s power”. In this regards how powerful is an aware Armenian man.  

Irving once said: “The goal of right is to secure peace and the way to reach it is struggle”. In this regards, Armenian man has always been strong. He always fought for his peace.  


The percentage of women representation in RA legislative, executive, judicial and logac government powers is quite low. What is the reason for that?  

– I’d like to look at that phenomenon from a dynamic viewpoint. It no secret that Armenian woman has long been perceived in the context of family, keeping home tidy and in no other format. Interegstinly this has led to creating insecurities in women about their place in family. Of course it is natural for a woman to appreciate the qialities of motherhood and woman hood, but not counter it to the role of women. This is the context i’d like to regatd this issue in. With time going by woman, Armenian woman, sees more and more of her active involvement in social-political life. There is a dynamic growth year by year, number of women in office keeps growing like ministers, MPs, etc.


– In Armenia, women and men are equally represented only in mid-rank offices. Women are more represented in foreign organizations based in Armenia and local NGO’s. Are women avoiding government offices? 

– I don’t think women are avoiding. Reasons go deeper up to national mentality peculiarities. As I mentioned earlier, Armenian woman has always been pictured in a certain character (positive charachter) which at the same time is a limited charachter. It important to synthesize rather than oppose these. We are currently in the stage of overcoming that mentality and making woman’s role fuller. 


– In the three Scandinavian countries women make up 33-40% which is considered world’s highest. Formally, Armania has ratified all all international gender-related conventions. What is the obstacle for the Armenian women to be active in the National Assembly.  

– Correct. Armenia has ratified those conventions. I don’t think those are merely formal. After ratification new steps are constantly being taken to bring them to life both legally and factually. As to women in parliament, all those already ielected have shown been very activ ein legislative work in all areas of legal work. I’m sure women will also be active in the next National Assembly.

– RA Electoral Code erquires at least five percent of women in party lists. Our parties seem to have obeyed that rule. However there is no punishment for breaking it.  

– RA Electoral Code article 110, part 2 reads that Central Electoral Commission denies registration to a party that fails to meet this requirement. So there is sanction in form of refusal to register.


– Labor Code reflects equal salary principles for men and women. Do you believe this clause is secured in practice?  

– I think so. I find this norm most guaranteed and secured. It is also secured by international conventions signed by Armenia.


– Karl Bjorne said, if nature had as many laws as a state, God would not be able to rule it. Is it really so?  

– Interesting idea… I think Bjorne’s idea has its reasons. Keep in mind that God is perfect and nature is harmonized. While human society is imperfect, and people’s interests clash there. So the legal clauses are there to regulate these different interactions. Nevertheless, I believe God would be able to rule the world in either case.


– As a lecturer, what do you think about the assumption that young people  study law for prestige and not content.  

Of course, I think it’s very wrong. I think it’s a vicious factor in selecting a profession. In this regards, family plays a great role, which shapes the state, the hope in tomorrow, where moral charachter of the professional is shaped. It is here where decision on chosing a profession takes place with the possible advice from family, when needed. Time is the objective factor answering this question. Such an approach proves not useful in course of time. Eventually needed professions remain vacant. I believe this phenomenon will get into shape with time.

Nune Hovsepyan

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