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The Court of Appeals Publicized Its Decision on the Case of Embezzlement of 115 Million AMD from the State

“Thank you for your justice!”- The former head of the Judicial Department Misak Martirosyan received the Court of Appeals’ today’s decision with these ironic words.

It is due to remind that the Court of First Instance presided by Judge Arshak Vardanyan ruled the verdict on July 18 this year on the case of the former head of the Department and 12 employees of the same institution. They were accused of creating an organized criminal group and stealing 115 million AMD from the State. Misak Martirosyan was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment with confiscation of personal property no more than 720 thousand AMD.

In the Court of Appeal the case was examined by Judge Karine Ghazaryan. Today, the jury returned from the advisory room and decided to reject Misak Martirosyan’s and his defender’s complaint. Moreover the Court tightened the punishment by imprisonment for 7 years and confiscation of property for 655 thousand AMD.

Today, the relatives of the accused Gegham Grigoryan accepted the court decision with tears on their eyes, as they did on18 July after the announcement of the decision in the Court of First Instance. However this time these were tears of joy, as Gegham Grigoryan’s punishment was lightened and he was granted amnesty and was released from the court room. Tigran Atanesyan was Gegham Gerigoryan’s advocate.

It is due to mention that the accusation was not present at the session, though he was been at the Court before that.


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