Tense Situation at the Court Hearing on Hayk Kyuregyan’s Case; Defendant’s Trail in Absentia

The court session on Hayk Kyuregyan’s case started half an hour late. The journalist of Iravaban.net reports from the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash Administrative District.

The Court announced the beginning of the session. The people in the court room began to shout demanding the judge to speak louder. The people in the courtroom were shouting that the trial is carried out without the defendant’s presence as he was not in the courtroom.

Judge Armen Bektashyan announced a five minutes break and left the courtroom. The people continued shouting expressions in Hayk’s support. They met the prosecutor chanting “Shame on you shame on you,” and asked him whether he does not regret for demanding 14 years for the defendant.

It was announced that due to technical problem the courtroom should be changed and took the people to another smaller courtroom, where the friends and relatives of the defendant as well as other individuals were not allowed to enter. Only the reporters could enter the courtroom.


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