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Case on Embezzlement of 115 Million AMD from the State Budget: the Advocates spoke about the Unique Case

This is a unique case when the defense is agreed with the prosecutor. Today, speeches were made at the court session on the case of the Former Head of Judicial department and others.

Defendants Gagik Khachatryan, Jura Mushkidyanov and Yeghiazar Sargsyan’s advocates Gegham Hakobyan, Karen Kamalyan and Seda Safaryan held speeches.

Gegham Hakobyan, the advocate of the defendant Gagik Khachatryan referred to the circumstance of imposing the punishment, “This is one of the unique cases where the defense is agrees with the prosecution, my client has not any negative characteristics, and has voluntarily and completely compensated the alleged sum in his episode. The most important is that he actively supported the investigation of the case and has repented for what happened. There are all sufficient grounds present to sanction prescribed minimum sentence and to apply the conditional waiver,” said the advocate and asked the court not to apply the demanded punishment and instead to apply the Amnesty Act

Karen Kamalyan in his speech asked to re-qualify his client’s crime and to sentence him to fine and to release, “There is not a shred of evidence in the criminal case that would prove my client, Yura Mushkidyanov’s guilt. During the preliminary investigation he completely and voluntary compensation the damage and there cannot be any statement about the stable organized group is out of the question,” said the advocate

Seda Safaryan, the advocate of defendant Yeghiazar Sargsyan also spoke about this case as unique. She agreed that the positions of the defense and prosecution coincide. The advocate asked the court to apply the same punishment upon her client and to release him. She added that her client had compensated more than the damage he had caused.

The defendants also joined to the speeches of their advocates asking to apply lenient punishment.


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