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The Defendant in the Case of Appropriation of 115 Million AMD from the State Budget feels himself in the Theater.

The accusation

The former head of “RA Judicial Department” Misak Martirosyan and other division heads of the department are accused of creating a constant group and for erupting money with that group for a lasting period from the state budget in the amount of 115.782.033AMD. Misak Martirosyan is also accused of taking a bribe of a big amount.

The case was investigated by the Yerevan Department Grave Crimes Investigation of the RA Police and was sent to the court on 23 July 2014.

Over a year long session led to the situation when the accused stated that the purpose of the delays of the case was a clear lawless action of the prosecutor.

During the previous court session, after the testimonies of the witnesses, the prosecutor asked the judge to give him reasonable time to amend the charges against the defendants. The court met the motion.

The defendant feels like at the theater

Today, thecCourt case of the former head of “RA Judicial Department” Misak Martirosyan and others was continued at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash Administrative Districts.

Hakob Melkonyan, the prosecutor in this case had reviewed the case and amended accusation of Angin Ghukasyan and Misak Martirosyan. In fact nothing substantial was changed. Later Misak Martirosyan’s defender Vardan Zurnachyan explained, “Since the Criminal Code was amended in he had made amendments in the accusation in line with the Code. If formerly there were three separate episodes, currently the prosecutor just grouped them. He made some editing in Article 179, where they became more complicated and which made their accusation more baseless. The prosecutor has said things that are not established facts of the case,” said the advocate.

Defendant Misak Martirosyamn made a motion at today’s session, “The prosecutor said that two weeks were enough to prepare a speech for the prosecution. But the set day the accuser came forward and announced that the two weeks were not enough. The session was adjourned for two weeks. It is ridiculous that two weeks later no one of the prosecutors appeared. This actually proves that they are unable to decide with respect to the charges brought against me. All this is a bad theater, organized by prosecutor, in addition, the actors are playing bad,” said he and requeste the Court to summon for questioning the 2 leaders of the investigators’ groups who had conducted the preliminary investigation proceeding.

The prosecution objected to the motion, saying that it had repeatedly heard the same words and there is nothing new. Judge Arshak Vardanyan went to the retiring room, to decide on the motion.

Lilit Shaboyan


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