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“Do not be surprised, that is why I am here”: Misak Martirosyan

In the result of the renewed judicial sitting on the case of former head of “RA Judicial Department” and others, two officials were questioned in the court as witnesses on 27 April. They were invited to the court based on the motion of the prosecutor Hakob Melkonyan.

During the questioning deputy head of the RA Judicial Department, chief financial officer Rshtuni Asikyan turned to the salary payment order of the bailiffs. He informed that the system consisted of 21 separate subdivisions, which were forming the outlays and sending them to the central body: “Generally the one who forms the outlays is the one who spends, the subdivision itself forms it and sends to us for a check. Department of Finances checks all the numbers before confirming, if there is a mismatch in accordance with law articles, it is discussed before sending to confirmation”- said Rshtuni Asikyan.

He also informed that signing of overlays by the head of the Judicial Department had purely procedural nature: “Signing by the head has a purely procedural nature, law is intended so, because the head of the Judicial Department is not able to check that numbers. He should have known the origin so that he could check them”.

Former head of the Judicial Department Misak Martirosyan interested: “Was it possible to ascertain by documents or have dead souls been registered”.

He meant the names of those who were registered in the job list, but did not attended. “How can it be!? No one may know about it, it can be confirmed only by the person who has made these documents”- responded the chief financial officer of the RA Judicial Department. “Do not be surprised, that is why I am here:”- told Misak Martirosyan.

The next interviewee was the employee of the RA Ministry of Finances Rustam Margaryan, who also mentioned that the documentary check could not find out, whether unemployed persons are registered in the system of the Judicial Department.

Let us note that the former head of “RA Judicial Department” Misak Martirosyan and other division heads of the department are accused of creating a constant group and for erupting money with that group for a lasting period from the state budget in the amount of 115.782.033AMD. Misak Martirosyan is also accused of taking a bribe of a big amount.


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