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The Prosecution “already expires the Reasonable Terms:” Judge

Today, the court sitting on the case of former head of “RA Judicial Department and others’ was not held in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash Communities.

The previous sitting was postponed as the prosecutor had asked to provide some time as the speech was not ready yet. This time also, the prosecution was absent and it is already the third time it has been canceled. Closing the sitting judge Arshak Vardanyan said:” They have asked for time to get prepared, but they expire the reasonable terms. It will be discussed in the following sitting”.

The next sitting will be held on 20 April.

Let us note that the former head of “RA Judicial Department” Misak Martirosyan and other division heads of the department are accused of creating a constant group and for erupting money with that group for a lasting period from the state budget in the amount of 115.782.033AMD. Misak Martirosyan is also accused of taking a bribe of large amount.


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