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I put money on Martirosyan’s Table every Month – a total of 20 Million AMD: Pre-Trial Testimony of the Defendant

Today, the pre-trial testimony of Armen Movsesyan, a defendant in the case of Misak Martirosyan, the former head of the Judiciary department and the others was publicized in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts of Yerevan.

The former head of the judicial department and other officials of the entity were charged in creating a stable group in 2009-2013 and embezzlement of a sum of around 115.782.033 AMD from the State Budget of the RA.

Armen Movsisyan who was the deputy head of the entity, mentioned in his testimony that the starting from 2004, the management of the entity was always dissatisfied with the low salary. However the problem was not solved, and thus Armen Movsisyan had suggested to include in the staff list the names of the bailiffs who actually did not work in the entity and to appropriate their salaries. He had told this to Misak Martirosyan, who did not object and then they realized the idea.

In his pre-trial testimony Movsisyan mentioned that during the 4 years he had passed different sums of money to Misak Martirosyan on monthly basis, which totaled to 20 million AMD.

Then, Angin Ghukasyan, the former head of the Staff Management department of the entity testified. She was charged for the fact that being an official of the department she reached a preliminary agreement with Misak Martirosyan and during July – December of 2010 received large bribes for employing the citizens Armen Petrosyan and Michael Stepanyan in the same entity.

Angin Ghukasyan pleaded not guilty in the court. She  said that her actions are just contributed to reaching the agreement between the Misak Martirosyan and those persons. an agreement is reached between these parties. “The action that I had committed was not assessed precisely and I do not agree with it. I think that my action was just mediating for bribery. I am not a subject of bribe ex officio,. And I could not carry out an act in favor of any person or refrain from it. I was just promoted the agreement between the job seeker and the job giver,” she said.

Gevorg Tosunyan


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