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An Incident between Yerem Sargsyan and Lyuks Stepanyan`s Father during the Court Sitting

The trial on Lyuks Stepanyan`s murder case ended. The stage of judicial argumentations started. Today the 3 experts who had done the complex judicial medical, ballistic analysis, were questioned at the court.

Defense sees contradictions between the testimonies of the witnesses and certain points in the expert conclusion. The accusing side, as well as the successor of the victim and his representative did not ask questions to the experts. Only attorney of the defendant Yerem Sargsyan asked questions.

An incident took place between the attorney Yerem Sargsyan and Lyuks Stepanyan`s father Ishkhan Stepanyan. When Yerem Sargsyan was asking questions to expert A. Hambardzumyan, Lyuks Stepanyan`s father approached the lawyer and demanded not to ask such questions. The attorney was asking questions on the position of Lyuks` head and injuries.

As to Ishkhan Stepanyan, the attorney should not have asked such questions in the presence of a mother who lost her son. He made insulting comments towards the attorney.

Court officers invited Ishkhan Stepanyan out of the court room. The Court deprived him of the right to take part in the future court sittings. Presiding judge Zoya Zakinyan had to invite some of Ishkhan Stepanyan`s relatives out of the court room as well.

Next court sitting is scheduled on 8 May.

Public correspondent Vahagn Tamrazyan


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