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Will you let me manage the court sitting? The judge to the former head of Judicial department

Today at the court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash communities of Yerevan witness Lilia Petrosyan was questioned for the case of former head of the “RA Judicial Department” state management institution Misak Martirosyan. She bribed Angin Ghukasyan.

Let us remind that according to the accusation, Misak Martirosyan in preliminary accord with the head of staff management department Angin Ghukasyan received various sums of money as bribe directly from her and with her help.

The witness informed that bribed Angin Ghukasyan for having the son of her brother get employed. After giving the bribe, the employment procedure was being delayed. “When Angin was dismissed, I wondered what will be next. She said that Mr Martirosyan is aware”.

When the lawyer of one of the defendants asked how much salary the witness was getting, the judge asked the connection of the question with the case. And the lawyer said: “Let her say, so that we get to know how she could gather those 1000 US dollars and give as a bribe”. And then the judge joked on this: “Maybe you also want to inquire the tax service”.

Angin Ghukasyan`s defender had objections with regard to the witness` testimony, and stated that there are controversies between the testimony and the questioning, and the defender intervened to have the testimonies during preliminary investigation published. The court sufficed the intervention, and the testimonies are now being published.

During the reading of the testimony Misak Martirosyan was asking questions from his place, and the judge reproved him: “Will you let me manage the court sitting?”. Now Lilia Petrosyan`s husband is testifying.


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