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The Court of Appeals will announce the Court Act on Lyux Stepanyan’s Murder Case

As it was reported earlier today the appeal filed by Yerem Khachatryan, the advocate of Davit Khachatryan was continued in the  Court of Appeals

Yerem Khacahatryan applied to the court with solicitation of self rejection where he stated that the court was biased and said, “The court tries to finish the case as soon as possible. It does not indicate in any way to find out what incoherent movement had taken place. The court should be unbiased.” Then the defender quoted other details of the case and noted that the court continues to maintain the position of public authorities. “Considering these circumstances, and the fact that the court is biased, and cannot carry out justice, I declare withdrawal,” Mr. Sargsyan said.

The prosecution objected to the motion, noting that in such way the defense was trying to put pressure on the court, “I do not think that the court is biased, and the defender’s motion is ungrounded.”
The victim’s representative also found that the motion is baseless.

The Court left to the retiring room and coming back dismissed Yerem Sargsyan’s motion.
The Court left to the retiring room to take a judicial act.


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