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The Victim stated His Position: There was no Animosity between Lyux Stepanyan and Davit Khachatryan

Today, on September 30, the appeal filed by Yerem Khachatryan, the advocate of Davit Khachatryan who is accused in Lyux Stepanyan’s murder was continued in the Criminal Appeals Court.

Today, the victim Hrachya Sargsyan stated his position about the appeal. He was wounded during the incident. Hrachya Sargsyan told the details of the incident. “When I woke up in the hospital and read that Davit killed Lyux intentionally, first I had no reply, I did not remember. Time passed, I began to walk and remember vaguely. We were sitting and repeating our responsibilities. Lyux was helping me. Davo was on guard and asked the time. We did not have a watch. We with Lyux began joking and Davit also participated. None of us took that seriously. We all are soldiers, we joke when we sit together or eat,” the victim told and added that there was no animosity between them. Then the victim continued:

“During the joke Davit kept the gun in our direction. We told him to put the weapon down. He pulled it down and we continued to joke. He kept the weapon in our direction for the second time, we again told him to pull it down. He pulled it down, but I remember there was a sort of incoherent movement: The last thing I remember is that the doctor was crying not to shut me eyes, or sleep.”

The victim noted that there was no enmity between Davit Khacahatryan and Lyux Stepanyan. He actually confirmed the provision of the appeal brought by davit Khachatryan’s defender, which stated that D. Khachatryan had shot Lyux Stepanyan accidentally.

Then D. Khachatryan’s advocate solicited to question the victim, but after consulting the court decided that there was no need to do that. Defender Yerem Khachatryan asked the court to provide time for rejection. He reasoned that saying, “The court showed that it absolutely is not interested to know what really happened. It does not indicate in any way to find out what incoherent movement had taken place.” The court partially granted the motion and provided the defender time till 16:30.

David Khachatryan’s health got worse when the court left. Prior to it he had difficulty in answering the judge’s questions. The bailiffs helped him.


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