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“I would give everything just to avoid it”, Defendant of of Lyuks Stepanyan’s Case

Defendant Davit Khachatryan testified in the court during the trial on the case of Lyuks Stepanyan’s murder. The defender Yerem Sargsyan asked the court to postpone the trial for 15 minutes in order to prepare the accused psychologically to be able to testify in the court.

“Whatever I say doesn’t mean that I am not guilty in the death of Lyuks and in insulting Hracho. I would give anything just to avoid that,” Davit Khachatryan said.

He accepted that as a result of his illegal actions Lyuks Stepanyan was killed and Hrachya Sargsyan insulted, but he said that he did not have intent to kill or wound anybody. According to him he was friends with Lyuks and Hrachya like a family. Answering to his defender’s questions Davit Khachatryan said that the shot was made by accident, he just wanted to scare them but when leaning the weapon he accidentally pulled the trigger and a shot was heard. The defenders asked many questions to the accused.

According to Yerem Sargsyan during the investigation the rights of the defender were violated. The investigator didn’t explain his rights and didn’t give him an opportunity to give a complete testimony but started asking questions as it was done in the court. The defenders challenged the prosecutors but the court rejected the solicitation considering it ungrounded.

Since there were contradiction between the examination and the testimony that Davit Khachatryan gave in court, the defending side made a solicitation to publicize the pretrial testimony and the recording of the examination.

Defender Vaghinak Gevorgyan made solicitation to the court to publicize the protocols of confrontation of the witnesses of the case Misha Janazyan, Arshak Petrosyan and Hrachya Margaryan and to invite them again to the court. The court upheld only the solicitation to publicize the protocols of confrontation.

The trial will continue on April 17.

Newsmaker: Vahagn Tamrazyan


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