A bribe taker is on trial.
– Defendant, aren’t you ashamed you took a bribe of ten thousand AMD?
– Of course I am. But nobody gave more.

– Is it true that Armenian government officials are the richest.
– No, it’s not true. The richest are their wives, children and mother-in-law.

Many Armenians dream that the government stops robbing them.
And nobody stands in the way of robbing the state.

It is not true that officials steal. Some have already stolen and some are just preparing to steal.

– Well, this nation is really out of money, – said official counting the bribe.


– Daddy, who are bribe-takers?
– It’s people who take various bribes.
– And does anyone fight against them?
– Of course, they do. It’s the people who get a share.


If an official tells you that taking a bribe is below his honor, you need to offer the bribe underneath the table.


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