Full of Life, Brave Hero – Robert Abajyan

“I wish I were back at home, where my mother is wake …” it was heard on the way to the house of the fallen soldier who died in April war. The neighbor had turned on the famous song.
The house was full with people: parents, relatives, and friends. Everybody has something to tell about the soldier.

He was loved wherever he went

“When he was coming home, we were all happy; such a positive person he was, he brought happiness with him,” his mother Anna Abajyan remembered.

IMG_1286According to his relatives, Robert was friendly, kind and communicative person. His father told that at the age of 5 Robert was well-known among his friends.

His mother told: ”When he studied at school, his teacher came and took him to school by his car every day; everyone loved him, wherever he went. Robert was a sweet boy”.

”When somebody was in need, he immediately suggested his help” remembered his grandfather Gevorg Abajyan.

Robert’s uncle Aram Abajyan concluded: ”If in the bust Robert was known as Alik’s the son or Aram’s nephew of, now we are known as the father or uncle of Kyazh (it was his nickname)”.

He could have become a good dentist

Robert Abajyan wanted to become a dentist. ”He wanted to know everything about this profession, he was very energetic and lively young man” as his grandfather remembered.

image-bb4b92239e10edbd8f7709dfdcec72b413933e046b7b326c53313b24057d2c71-VRobert was fond of cars. His godfather told there was no such case when the key was left in the car and returning home they found the car in his place.

Robert was a handsome young man. According to his brother, the girls were always interested in him. “When he was in the army, more than 10 girls wrote that they are his girlfriends; but it hardly could be true,” said his brother, Ruben Abajyan.

”Once, when he was a second year student at the college, he came home and jokingly told how all the girls in his group were in love with him and were fighting with each other” told his mother.

Perhaps, if he had more he could have survived

On 1 April it was his father’s birthday. “He called me up and congratulated. Then he told that he was going to the positions. I was always joking on this point saying that we feel safe knowing that he was keeping our borders. This time was not and exclusion either” Aleksandr Abajyan remembered.

“He has fought as if our house was just behind the frontline” told his uncle.

Robert’s father told: “In 1990s, there was no such problem with the bullets; currently soldiers were afraid of shooting as every single bullet was registered”. In his uncle’s words, the commander ordered to withdraw, but he stood next to him till the end, even with a wounded leg.

Robert Abajyan resisted for several hours to the enemy’s special forces group. But the bullets were over, and feeling that the enemy would capture him, he showed as if he was giving up, but when they approached he pulled out a grenade and blew up the approaching Azeri soldiers with himself.


He was like an angel

We end up the story of Robert with the episode from which it all started. ”Only after his birth, I felt I became a mother. When my elder son was born, I was just 21; I was probably very young and didn’t have the same feelings at that time. But it was different with Robert. He was such a pretty boy, as if an angel” remembered his mother, barely suppressing her tears.

Robert died at the age of 19. If there wasn’t the four-day April war, if there was peace on the border, he would live and continue his favorite job, dentistry, would help his relatives and neighbors, or he would again “steal” the cars from the yard; he liked to drive very much. He wanted to live.

Gevorg Tosunyan,


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