Hayk Kyureghyan had claimed: “There is a bomb under the car, I’ll blow it up.” The prosecutor made a motion to punish him strictly

Today prosecutor Harutyun Sargsyan presented his accusative speech, mentioning that on 12 June 2014 Hayk Kyureghyan behaved disobediently, did not obey legal demands of the policemen and injured them in front on the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts.
He cited some parts from the testimonies of the accused, victims and witnesses. He said that answering the judge, Hayk Kyureghyan had said that his actions were pointed against the policemen with the intention to hurt them.
Then the prosecutor referred to the testimonies of the injured policemen. It turned out that Hayk Kyureghyan climbed on “Mitsubishi pajero iO” car, threatened to blow it up with a plastic thing in his hand and made shots from “Makarov” gun towards the policemen, hurting one’s forehead and a woman employee.
He had claimed that there was a bomb under the car and he would blow it up , but after several minutes he fall down and the policemen managed to neutralize him.
Harutyun Sargsyan recognized the accused guilty and made a motion to sentence him to 14 years of imprisonment.
The accused again did not attend the phase of discussions, because during the first hearing the judge used sanction against the accused to dismiss him from the court room for 10 hours.
The accusation will be declared on 11 September.


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