Is a Child permitted to live with the Accused Parent?

Article 82 of the Criminal Code of RA states, that the accused may accommodate his/her up to 3-year-old child at the orphanage of the corrective institution, and communicate with the child after work without limits. The accused may be permitted to live together with the child.

Taking as basis the physiological differences between man and woman, special conditions must be foreseen for keeping them at the penal colony. On this purpose, N 1543-N decision of RA Government forecasts that in cells or lodgings of pregnant convicts or convicts keeping up to 3-year-old child one-floor beds are set, for each child one infantile bed is given, and the cells or lodgings are provided with hot water.

Pregnant women should be accommodated in health establishments situated very close to the corrective institution. Necessary goods are given to persons having children up to 3-year-old.

The convict or accused having a child may hand the child to the relatives or other people with his/her own initiative.

If there are no relatives, the staff of the above mentioned institution should take appropriate measures temporally to hand the child to infantile establishment.

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