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The Investigator Refused to Initiate a Criminal Case against Deseased Soldier Lyuks Stepanyan`s Father

During the trial on Lyuks Stepanyan`s murder case at the court of general jurisdiction of Tavush region Lyuks Stepanyan`s father, relatives and co-residents of the village hindered the normal process of court sittings during various sittings, including that on 26.02.2014, they expressed threats and insults against the participants of the trial – defendant and his advocates, as well as the court officers, even applied force against them for what a respective report was presented at the Ijevan division of the RA Police on 26.02.2014.

Yesterday the decision of the Investigator of RA Police Ijevan decision was received on refusing to initiate a criminal case based on the existing materials.

It is obvious that this decision was not made as a result of comprehensive, objective and multi-faceted examination of the materials in their disposal.

Despite all the evidence that we presented, we are not going to appeal that decision as our aim is not to subject these people to criminal liability but make them all understand that such a behaviour is unacceptable and prevent such behaviour in the future. And as during the next court sitting on 10 March 2014 Lyuks Stepanyan`s relatives did not show any unacceptable behaviour, we think there`s no more need to initiate a criminal case against them. After all one of the aims of the punishment is to fix the punished people and prevent crimes. We think that in this case even without a punishment these aims have been realized.

Advocate Yerem Sargsyan`s Facebook post.

You can find the full post in Armenian.


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