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The Examination of the Solicitation of the Defense on the Case of Lyuks Stepanyan Passed in a Tense Atmosphere

The court of general jurisdiction of Tavush region continued the trial on the case of soldier Lyuks Stepanyan`s murder. During the last court sitting the defense made a solicitation to publish the records of confrontation between defendant Davit Khachatryan and witnesses Arshak Petrosyan, Misha Janazyan and Hrachya Margaryan.

Davit Khachatryan stated that these witnesses, especially Hrachya Margaryan and Arshak Petrosyan did not deny the fact that Davit Khachatryan answered to Lyuks Stepanyan`s blasphemy with invectives, but they just said they hadn`t heard. Immediately after the incident Arshak Petrosyan and Hrachya Margaryan told the details to the commander of the military unit Vahagn Asatryan saying that Davit Khachatryan also gave invectives. The Commander testified in the court as a witness.

The court also published the statement of defendant Davit Khachatryan where he informed that he didn`t want to get to know the materials of the criminal case as he thought that the fact his action was being evaluated under the 6th point of 2nd part of the Article 104 of the Criminal code already confirmed that he was being non-objectively judged and an accusation-inclined preliminary investigation took place.

The defense also made another solicitation. Attorney Yerem Sargsyan requested to invite as witnesses the three experts who carried out the judicial ballistic and medical examination on the case. The accusing and victim parties objected against this solicitation. But the Court satisfied the solicitation.

The trial will continue on 25 April.

Public correspondent Vahagn Tamrazyan


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