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“Are you afraid, witness?”. the case of the former head of the judicial department

Today the court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash communities continued the trial on the case of the former head of the “RA Judicial Department” state governing institution Misak Martirosyan and others. Witnesses were questioned.

Witness Arayik Hakobyan testified that he got to know about a job in the court bailiff system from Mass Media and applied to the RA Judicial Department. “I went and filled in the application, I came back 6 months later and they said they would have a job for me, I would be called, they took my documents, and I came another 6 months later to take my documents”, said the witness.
Another witness Khoren Balajyan mentioned that he was in close relationship with defendant Gagik Khachatryan, applied to him for starting a service at the court bailiff system. “I presented my documents, and an order came about starting a job as a court bailiff in one of the regions, I don`t remember which one, but I couldn`t go to work”.

The witness was speaking with difficulty, which judge Arshak Vardanyan noticed. “Are you afraid, witness?”, the judge asked, and the witness gave a negative answer. When the judge was questioning the witness, he said that Gagik Khachatryan offered him to start a job at the Department, while before he was stating that he was the one to ask the defendant.

During the questioning the court also saw some other contradictions, especially in the testimony about bank card, so the court published Kh. Balajanyan`s testimonies of preliminary investigation which made clear that Gagik Khachatryan asked him to get a card from the bank. “And then Gagik Khachatryan said that I would be fired, and I did so, I resigned”. It became clear from the preliminary investigation testimonies that after this in 2013 the witness was again called to Gagik Khachatryan and asked to write another note on resignation, which surprised the witness, as he had already written one.

Today the court published the testimonies of Mher Gevorgyan given in the pre-trial proceedings, as the accused declined to give testimony at the court. He had been working in the Judicial Department and was accused of forgery and abuse of official powers.

It became clear from his testimonies that he got an order from Gegham Grigoryan to add names of 3 people in the staff list “I didn`t get any written order, I just did my boss`s order without knowing that I needed an order for that. As these people existed in other departments, I thought there was nothing wrong there and added them”, it was stated in the testimony.

Next court sitting was set on October 27.

Gevorg Tosunyan


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