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Don`t you recognize your son? Witnesses questioned on the case of Judicial Department

Today the court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Communities continued the questioning of witnesses on the case of Misak martirosyan, former head of the “RA Judicial Department” state governance institution. Firstly another accused of the case Hayk Margaryan presented to the court. He renounced his testimonies of preliminary investigation, as well as refused to justify his words. The court will read his testimony at the end of the sitting.

Then the questioning of witnesses started. Armen Manukyan informed that he had applied to Ashot Gasparyan, another witness, to have his wife hired at the Judicial Department. His wife started to work temporarily at the court of Kentron and Nork-Marash, and then ad the administrative court. Armen Manukyan said that he didn`t give anything else to Ashot Gasparyan, but later he remembered that three years after the employment his wife bought a birthday present for Misak Martirosyan. “It was a golden coin, my wife presented it to Misak Martirosyan on his birthday. I was very angry”. The court found contradictions in the preliminary investigation testimonies and court testimonies of the witness. The latter was initially stating that he became aware of the gift from the investigator, but in the court he said he got aware from his wife. Additionally, in the preliminary testimonies the witness was speaking about chocolate, which he didn`t mention at the court.

And then witness Ashot Gasparyan testified. He said that for having Armen Manukyan`s wife hired he applied to Misak Martirosyan. Misak Martirosyan`s defender asked whether his defendant said something to imply he wanted to get a cognac, for example, the witness said:
“Our friendship was not at that level so that he would ask for a bottle of cognac”.

And then witness Kim Terteryan testified. He informed that was employed at the judicial department, but didn`t sign any contract.

Today`s sitting was going on in a funny atmosphere For example Ashot Gasparyan, approaching the tribune said that he knew only Misak Martirosyan, with whom he was friends. The court got interested whether he knew anybody else, the witness turned and pointed to two defendants, among them there was his son Narek Gasparyan, whom the witness did not point. ” Don`t you recognize your son?”, the judge asked, who answered that he certainly recognized but just didn`t notice.

To be continued.


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