We are all consumers and as we buy thins we need to be protected. That protection must be not only efficient but also practical. In this regard it is important to view the RA legislation and how it ensures consumer protection. Main laws here are Civil Code and the law on “Protection of consumer rights”. Civil Code is not directly regulating the area but regulates rather civil relationship between citizens. Consumers, as people with civil relationships, also use equal citizen rights. However consumers are not sufficiently protected by that and need additional legislative protection. This can be done only through “Consumer Rights Protection” law which is meant to ensure the protection of consumers against manufacturing companies. It is necessary to note that current law on consumer protection does not ensure the rights of consumers. This is proven by the absence of provisions on forbidden contracts act, partial nature of agreements, forbidden trade practice, and a number of other needed phenomena. I believe the best way to solve the issue sis productive mechanism, i.e. create a centralizedagency which will be independent and will have leverage to influence manufacturers. In addition, consumer legislation needs to be reforms so that in case of not complying with consumer demands, the manufacturer faces significant consequences in form of fines, sanctions, etc, while good and complying manufacturers be rewarded.
Thus, conclusion is one – consumer protection in Armenia will be satisfactory only when consumers are regularly informed (including training and education projects), legal awareness is improved, and centralized agency is created to regulate issues of the area which will also review legislation, monitor consumers services and perform quality control. Without these conditions consumer protection will remain as artificial in our country and we will remain “cheated and neglected” consumers.

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