It is necessary to create public demand for good governance interviewed project director of USAID’s “National AACs Network Development and the author of the concept of “No to Corruption” flash-mob Karen Zadoyan.

– Today the AACs National Network implemented a nationwide flash-mob “No to Corruption”. What is the message of this event?
– The message of “No to Corruption” flash-mob organized today by the national AACs network and “Armenia Against Corruption” movement is to call attention of government agencies and the society to the negative phenomenon of “Corruption”.

-Can you describe the format of the flash-mob?
– There are13 centers operating within the AACs National Network, which are active in all marzes of Armenia with one center per marz and two additional Reception Centers in Aragatsotn’s Talin and Aparan. Each AAC and Reception Center formed a human-made letter of the phrase “No to Corruption” for the flash-mob. Then the participants pronounced their letter and then “No to Corruption phrase. Generally over 300 people participated in the flash-mob. The event was unique and very successful.
Using the occasion, I would like to thank the AACs National Network staff and volunteers for this important and useful work.

– What needs to be done for corruption to be overcome in our country?
– First of all, we need to exhibit civic will and secondly, we need high legal awareness and zero tolerance towards the evil of “corruption”.

-What are the mission and goals of “Armenia Against Corruption” movement in this regard?
– The mission of “Armenia Against Corruption” movement if to create corruption-free Armenia. The goals are to contribute to adoption of anticorruption laws and their implementation, shaping the perception of corruption as social evil among people, shaping low tolerance to corruption in the society, creating public demand for good governance.

– Can you talk a little about future plans of “Armenia Against Corruption” movement?
– As you know Armenia’s participation to UN Convention Against Corruption came into effect on April 7, 2007 and some of the points from the convention were introduced to the RA legislation. Now there is a need for a law to protect whistle-blowers, which will create security guarantees for those who voice about injustice. This is important for those who consciously and intelligibly report corruption to law enforcement agencies. This law is a requirements under article 33 of that convention.
It is also important to criminalize illegal enrichment, when it’s done with deliberation, i.e. rise of wealth of official beyond his official income and which he cannot justify. This is a requirement of article 20 of the convention. However, to implement it, Armenia must withdraw its reservation tot hat convention. In this regards, “Armenia Against Corruption” movement has much work to do in the future.
One of the important plans of the movement is involve wider public into the fight against corruption, since the desired results can be achieved only through social mobilization, shaping public demand and raising legal awareness of the society.


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