Corruption risks in Shirak prevail in apartment provision and education areas.

National Network of Advocacy and Assistance Centers (AACs) as NGO operated anticorruption center act in Yerevan and all Armenian regions. Corruption victims may apply to receive free legal advice and assistance. asks a few questions to the coordinator/lawyer of Shirak AAC Gayane Gevorgyan.

– Since when has the AAC been operating in Shirak marz? 

Since 2008, however since 2012 it has been operated by the Armenian Young Lawyers Association. 

– What are the issues that people mainly bring to the AAC? 

Issues are quite diverse. But considering our disaster zone context, it’s mainly about apartment provision and social issues.


– How do you implement right protection and advocacy? 

First, we provide advice, legal support, and if necessary do paperwork for them. We also provide free attorney for corruption cases, and accompany them in administrative agencies.


– How aware are residents of Shirak of their rights? 

Awareness has been quite high recently. This is a result of many awareness events and meetings organized by us.


– Does AAC take measures to raise legal awareness of citizens? 

We organize public awareness seminars within the framework of “National AACs Network”, community meetings, brochures, etc. We also use volunteers to spread information about our events and share information on citizen rights.


– What success stories do you have? 

Quite a lot. We have success stories in various areas. We had a case, when police officer fined driver illegally. We restored the citizen’s right. Individual’s right was restored. We have job dismissal and restoration cases which ended in success.


– Based on AACs caseload analysis, which areas are most corrupt in the marz? 

Apartment provision issue is very relevant in the marz. Corruption risks prevail in apartment provision and education areas.

Nune Hovsepyan

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