“Please do not make any Irresponsible Statements” the Judge said to Hayk Kyureghyan

On entering the courtroom of the Criminal Court of Appeal Hayk Kyureghyan put a poster on the table that read “Long live the Armenia that will come tomorrow.”

The court session in the Court of Appeal began and continued in the same spirit as in the First Instance Court: Hayk Kyureghyan often didn’t respond to the remarks of the court, he did not stand up when the presiding judge Sergey Chichoyan asked him to show an appropriate behavor, the accused didn’t pay attention to his warnings and continued the same behavior.

It turned out that Hayk Kyureghyan again refused the services of the attorney provided by the Office of the Public Defender. The defendant said that he didn’t have any financial problems, and claimed that didn’t trust the judicial system. He believes that a real legal process is not going on, so there isn’t any need to involve a lawyer.

The court started the trial by hearing the defendant.

“I don’t know what the myrmidon courts will decide on my part, but the people have already given their assessment,” the accused said in the court by adding that the social situation of people have deteriorated so much that the best way to fight is to take extreme steps which he did.

The court didn’t approve Hayk Kyureghyan’s remarks on the judicature, and judge Chichoyan said to him: “Look at me and listen what I am saying, please do not make any irresponsible statements.” The defendant claimed that he hadn’t made any wrong remark.

Speaking about the appeal Hayk Kyureghyan stated that he didn’t agree with the charge and asked the court to acquit him.

The prosecutor said that the appeal is groundless and asked to reject it also adding that the sentence is reasonable.

Hereon the trial was over. It had lasted for an hour. The court went to the deliberation room announcing that the verdict would be published today. The court didn’t mention the publishing time. Coming back from the deliberation room the court left unchanged the verdict of the Court of First Instance rejecting the appeal.

Notably, the Court of First Instance has sentenced Hayk Kyureghyan to 9 years of imprisonment.



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