How to receive the Status of Unemployment?

Citizens are entitled to work and received employee status under certain regulations, and on similar conditions. The status of unemployment is also received under certain regulations.

Thus, Article 9 of the RA Law on Employment provides that the status of unemployment is provided by the authorities after receiving necessary documents within 5 working days.

Moreover, the unemployed has the right to be included in the state labor projects in the following ways by the order defined by the Government of the RA:

1. professional training during which the included person in the project is paid a scholarship every month in the size defined by the Government of the RA. The scholarship is granted and paid in compliance and for the number of days calculated for the trainings of the given month,

2. the people who come into the labor market for the first time with the acquired profession, the support of acquiring professional working skills is provided,

3. the employment assistance for another working place concerning vacancies that have been submitted to the authorities by the employer and not been fulfilled for almost a month.

4. participation to the paid social works.

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