What is the Maximum Time allowed to work?

Article 139 of the RA labor Code provides that Normal duration of the working time may not exceed 40 hours a week. Daily working time may not exceed eight working hours, except for the cases provided for by this Code, law, other legal acts and the collective agreement.

The maximum duration of working time, including overtime work, may not exceed 12 hours a day (including the break for rest and meal), and 48 hours – during the week.

The duration of the working time for specific categories of workers (healthcare organizations working on an uninterrupted shift basis, guardianship (custodianship) organizations, child care educational institutions, specialized energy, gas, heating supply organizations, specialized communications services, as well as specialized services for elimination of the consequences of accidents, etc.) may amount to 24 hours a day.

The average duration of the working time of such workers in a week may not exceed 48 hours, and the rest time between the working days may not be less than 24 hours. The list of such jobs shall be defined by the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

The duration of daily working time (including breaks for rest and meal) of an employee working on the basis of two and more employment contracts with a different or the same employer may not exceed 12 hours a day.


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