The Rights of the Woman during Marriage

Article 201 of the RA Civil Code provides that The property acquired by spouses in the course of marriage is their joint ownership, unless otherwise provided for by law orby the contract between them. The property of each spouse belonging thereto before marriage, as well as the property received by one of the spouses as a gift or succession in the course of marriage shall be his or her ownership.

Personal use property (clothing, footwear, etc.), except for jewelry and luxury items, shall be considered to be the ownership of the spouse who has used that property, even when it has been acquired at the expenses of common funds of spouses in the course of marriage.

Pursuant to Article 1 pf the RA Family Code, Men and women enjoy equal rights at the moment of marriage conclusion, during the marriage and in case of marriage cancellation. The rights of the citizens during marriage conclusion and in family relations may be restricted only by law and to the extent of necessary protection of persons’ reputation and dignity, as well as health, freedom, rights and lawful interests of family members and other persons.

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