Which are the Legal Guarantees for Pregnant Women and Women with Minor Children while dismissal from Work?

According to Article 114, Paragraphs 2.1 and 2.2 of the RA labor Code:

Rescission of the employment contract up on the initiative of the employer shall be prohibited during the leave of the employee:

•    in the case of pregnant women, from the day of submitting a reference to the employer until one month after the maternity leave;

•    in the entire period of taking care of the up to a year old child, except for the cases provided for by Article 113(1), (3) and (5) and by Article 123;

Exceptions from the general rule are the following cases:

•     the organization is liquidated (the activity of an individual entrepreneur is terminated);

•     the employee is not suitable for the position held or the work performed,

•     if the employee regularly fails to fulfil the obligations reserved for him or her by the employment contract or the internal regulatory rules, with no good reason.

The awareness is implemented in the framework of the “Influencing the Women’s Rights Agenda” project by the Armenian Young Lawyers Association.


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