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The Defendant provided a Wrong Name: The Case of the former Head of the Judicial Department

As we had informed, today, on 19 January the Court trial on the case of the Former Head o the Judicial Department and the others was continued. The defendants were being questioned. The court managed to question the two of them Satenik Hovhannisyan and Bagrat Arikyants.

Bagrat Arikyants the former head of the bailiffs’ service of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Avan and Nor Nork Administrative Districts of Yerevan refused to testify in the court. He only said that in his preliminary testimony he had mentioned that Gegham Grigoryan, the former head of the entity had passed him four bank cards, and this is not true. Expressing the position on the charge, he said that he was guilty only under Article 314 (official forgery) of the Criminal Code. At the same time he argued that he had not created a stable group with Misak Martirosyan and others and did not steal money from the state budget.

Publication of the pre-trial testimony of the defendant made clear that he had been working in the system since 2008.

He had told to the investigator that on the instruction of his supervisor Gegham Grigoryan, he had added I the staff list the names of 7 individuals, who were unknown to him. In addition, he had included in the staff list the names of his 4 associates, including his daughter having the aim to register their length of service.

In addition, the testimony revealed that the defendant had received extra money. “Speaking frankly I have received monetary awards from time to time, which came to my card at about 70-90 thousand drams,” Amerikyants had told to the investigator.

Today the defender Sasun Khachatryan who was involved in the court trial asked a question to the defendant, why the latter had mentioned in his pre-trial testimony that Gegham Grigoryan provided him bank cards, and he said a different thing in the court. Arikyants replied, “At that time Gegham’s name was touched frequently and I wrote that he had provided those. At that mixed and complicated time the names were of no importance for me.”

Gevorg Tosunyan


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