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Incident at the Court Trial on the Case of the former Head of the Judicial Department and others

Today, an incident occurred at the court trial of the case of former head of “RA Judicial Department” Misak Martirosyan and others. The interrogation of one of the witnesses Gayane Stepanyan was held in a tense situation.

The witness said that she knew only two of the defendants; Gagik Khachatryan and Gegham Grigoryan. She wanted her daughter, who was a pedagogue-psychiatrist to get job at the Judicial Department.  Gayane Stepanyan got acquainted with Gegham Grigoryan, who was the first deputy head of the service. The witness gave him the relevant documents, but later learned that the position of the court bailiff was available only in one of the district courts. “”I asked them if they could to find a job in the city, in case of failure, they told me to wait. After some time, my daughter wrote a letter of resignation. I’ve done everything Grigoryan,” the witness said.

Gegham Grigoryan’s lawyer Tigran Atanesyan asked how the witness got acquainted with Mr. Gegham Grigoryan. The witness said that she was working in the administrative staff of Shengavit Administrative District and met with G. Grigoryan there, but she could not remember details.

The witness also said that she had known Gagik Khachatryan prior to meeting Gegham Grigoryan, and that they were friends long ago. At the same time she did not remember Gagik Khachaturian’s position.

After the witness’ testimony Tigran Atanesyan said that there were contradictions between the testimonies of the witness which the latter provided during the face-to face identification when the defended asked the witness about the mutual relations of the latter with Gagik Khachatryan. Tigran Atanesyan also announced the question which was “Whether Gagik Khachatryan was the father of the witness’ daughter.” This expression irritated Gagik Khachatryan, and he threw a pen on the lawyer and cursed.

The judge calmed everyone down, Gagik Khachatryan’s attorney Gegham. Hakobyan objected and Tigran Atanesyan asked to withdraw his motion.
The court also questioned two witnesses in this case who stated that they had submitted documents for the job, but vacant position was available only in provincial courts, so they refused to work. They all said that they did not received salaries.


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