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How did the Quarrel Start during the Investigation of Lyuks Stepanyan`s Case. the Advocate Explains

The 26 February court sitting on deceased soldier Lyuks Stepanyan`s case turned into a subject of hot discussions. A quarrel started at the court between the victim side and defendant`s lawyer Yerem Sargsyan. It was so intense that the parties even insulted each other.

Iravaban.net tried to get clarifications from Yerem Sargsyan.

“The incident had a pre-history. During the first court sitting when it was my turn to speak I sincerely expressed my condolences to the parents and relatives of the deceased. During the break I also approached Lyuks Stepanyan`s father Ishkhan Stepanyan and tried to speak to him and ease the possible tension. But I immediately got a very tough reaction. There were young boys there who made imprecations in my address just for being the defender of Davit Khachatryan”, said the attorney.

According to him everything is quiet at the court unless the work of the defender is marked with positive progress. “No one wants to hear that in reality some conditions might come up which they haven`t known and which are for the benefit of the defendant”.

In Yerem Sargsyan`s words during the court sittings there is a total indifference at the court. All the chairs are occupied, there are people who are standing and each of them avails themselves of a right to intervene in the judicial process and speak from their place. While according to the lawyer the judge should ensure a respective order and normal process at the court.

“The court does not apply any sanction so that the others understand later that it is no allowed to intervene and hinder the judicial process. I presented solicitations for a couple of times for the people hindering the process are removed from the court room”, said the advocate.

You can find the full article in Armenian.

Arev Avagyan


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