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“Judge me for what I did and not for what I didn`t”. This Announcement Caused a Fluster in the Hall

The Court of general jurisdiction of Tavush region continues the trial on the case of soldier Lyuks Stepanyan`s murder. As we already informed the trial ended and entered the stage of judicial argumentations. Today accusing Arthur Zakaryan came up with a speech and presented the main reasoning for the accusation against defendant.

Accusing prosecutor Zakaryan requested the Court to set a final punishment and convict defendant Davit Khachatryan to 18-year imprisonment.

Immediately after the accusing speech the defendant made a statement. He said: “What happened during the preliminary investigation, and there was a judicial examination afterwards and much evidence was acquired that I didn`t commit that act, and now you neglect all of that and present the same accusation. Judge me for what I did and not for what I didn`t. And from this moment on I go on a hunger strike”.

The statement by the defendant resulted in a fluster in the court hall. Judge Zoya Zakinyan invited two people out of the hall. This statement caused anxiety for the victim`s successor Luisa Stepanyan as well.

The representative of the victim`s successor – Armeni Sargsyan made a concluding speech and said that he expected a fair punishment from the court, a punishment which would be comprehensible for the side of the victim and would serve its main purpose – prevention of such crimes in the future.

Defendant`s attorneys were not ready for the defense speech and they asked for 20 days to prepare. The solicitation of the attorneys caused dissatisfaction among those present. The concluding part of the court sitting went on in a tense atmosphere. Lyuks Stepanyan`s relatives were also discontent with the demanded punishment by the accusing prosecutor. They were demanding life sentence. After the court sitting Kyuks Stepanyan`s relatives expressed their discontent with banners which read: “Lyuks Stepanyan`s murderer is a Turk” and “We demand life sentence”.

The trial will continue on 30 May.

Public Correspondent Vahagn Tamrazyan


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