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Now my Deceased Friend is Looking from above and Blames you. Davit Khachatryan said his Final Speech

The court of general jurisdiction of Tavush region today will finish the trial on the case of soldier Lyuks Stepanyan`s murder.

Earlier today defendant Davit Khachatryan made his final speech. “This accident has caused much pain and suffering to me that I`ll live with till the end of my days. But this pain was not only caused to me, but also to the families of two of my friends and also to the entire society, as young Armenian boys and soldiers have got injured and killed. But in this case it won`t be right to be led by emotions and anger. It will be right to judge the situation with cold reasoning. I have been punished for what I did, losing one of my friends and harming the other`s health. Whatever punishment you decide for me, the fate has already decided and punished me for my action”.

He asked the court to rule by law and with cold reasoning as much as possible.

“I am not a murdered and I can`t intentionally harm somebody. And you accuse me of intentional murder of one of my friends and injury of the other. Two of my friends do not share your opinion. Now my deceased friend is looking from above and blames you. I am ready to be imprisoned till the end of my days for what I did, but not for what I didn`t”, said the defendant.

Accusing party got the right of reply and Arthur Zakaryan and defendant`s lawyer Yerem Sargsyan made comments.

Now the court is in the Consultations room. The verdict will be announced at 15:00.

Public Correspondent Vahagn Tamrazyan


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