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The Current Head of Judicial Department was Questioned on the Case of Former Head of the Institution

The Head-in-office of the Judicial Department Karen Poladyan was questioned today at the Court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Communities of Yerevan on the case of former head of the department Misak Martorosyan and others.

Mr. Poladyan was questioned about two episodes: with regard to hiring Armen Petrosyan at the Department of Forensic Practice Summary and with regard to firing Angin Ghukasyan.

Let us remind that Angin Ghukasyan was accused of receiving huge amounts of bribe for hiring Armen Petrosyan and Mikayel Stepanyan, and acting in preliminary agreement with the head of “RA Judicial Department” state administrative institution Misak Martirosyan, within the period of July-November 2010.

Current head of Judicial Department stated that in 2010 he was the head of Department of Forensic Practice Summary. He said at the court that he presented an intervention to hire Armen Petrosyan at the Department of Forensic Practice Summary. To the question of the Accusing party on what was the driving motive, the witness answered that it was because of the overload at the department that he requested to hire that person in his department.

Details will be provided later.


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