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State bodies pressured the Court: Court sitting on Lyuks Stepanyan`s murder case was postponed

At this moment the Criminal Court of Appeals investigates the appeal presented by the lawyer of Davit Khachatryan who has been sentenced to 17 years imprisonment for the murder of his co-serviceman on May 15, 2013,

The victim Hrachya Sargsyan came to the court sitting at the beginning, expressing a willingness to testify as he remembered some details on the case. His health was in a bad condition, it was hard for him to move, and before Hrachya Sargsyan was refusing to give testimony.

Davit Khachatryan`s lawyer Yerem Sargsyan petitioned to listen to the victim, but the accusing party objected, and the Court decided to postpone the petition examination.

The lawyer then presented the appeal, underlining that the Court of General Jurisdiction in Tavush region was biased in convicting Davit Khachatryan: “I want to underline that during the investigation process it became entirely clear that the whole state system works in one direction for the court to go with the murder line. The accusing party applies explicit pressure on the Court, and the Court has displayed explicit partiality”, claimed the lawyer.

Later on he asked for a break because of his health problems: he refused to give any comments to the media representatives and left the Court hall. The court sitting resumed, but was soon postponed because of the lawyer claiming his weak health condition. Next sitting is planned for September 22.


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