Registeration and/or Re-registration of NGOs

According to Article 10 (3) of the RA Law on Non-Governmental Organizations, a non-governmental organization may be established at least by two individuals and/or legal entities.

The information required for registration or re-registration of a non-governmental organization is provided by the State Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Armenia (Address: 49/3 Komitasi Ave., Yerevan, 0051, 9th Floor, Arabkir administrative district). Registration or re-registration can also be made without visiting the RA State Register of Legal Entities the physically. In particular, through the operators defined in Appendix 1 of the Government Decree N1109-N of October 27, 2016,

1. “HAYPOST” Closed Joint-Stock Company
2. “ARDSHINBANK” Closed Joint-Stock Company
3. AMERIABANK Closed Joint-Stock Company
4. CONVERSE BANK Closed Joint-Stock Company

Documents can be submitted to the RA State Register of Legal Entities through the offices of the above-mentioned companies.

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