Robert Abajian, Soldier who fell on the Battlefield – Hero of Artsakh

In connection with the Victory Day, the Day of the NKR Defense Army and the Liberation of Shoushi President Bako Sahakyan signed several decrees on awarding.

For exclusive bravery and courage shown during the defense of the NKR state border in the course of the large-scale military operations unleashed by Azerbaijan from 2 to 5 April of 2016 Defense Army’s junior sergeant Robert Abajyan was posthumously awarded with the Golden Eagle Order granted the highest Honorary Title of the “Hero of Artsakh”.

For courage and bravery shown in the course of defending the NKR state border and battles for the defense of the Motherland one individual was decorated with Battle Cross Order of the second degree, 44 individuals were awarded with “For Courage” medal, four of them posthumously, 241 individuals were awarded with “For Service in Battle” medal, 11 of them posthumously. (Also read the article Full of Life, Brave Hero – Robert Abajyan )

For personal bravery shown during the battles for the liberation of Shoushi 16 individuals were awarded with the medal “For the Liberation of Shoushi”, two of them posthumously.

For services rendered to the Nagorno Karabagh Republic one freedom-fighter was awarded with the “Gratitude” medal.

The Official website of Artsakh President informs.

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