Jobs that are mainly done by Woman

The Government N 520 decision made on 9 June 1994, about several primary events for protection of women, maternity, children and strengthening of family sets the list of those jobs and professions that can mainly possess woman, teenagers, and people with limited work capacity.

Particularly, the second appendix of the decision presents the complete list of those professions, arranged by spheres: in the sphere of bread baking production- yeast maker, pastry arranger; in the sphere of confectionery- waffle and marmalade maker, sugar powder filler; in the sphere of public nourishment- dish washer, semi-prepared food maker; in the Sphere of textile production- knitter, embroiderer, collector of texture samples and so on.

The  complete list of the professions is represented in appendix 2 of RA Government N 520 decision.

The awareness is conducted in the framework of “Influencing the Women’s Rights Agenda” Project implemented by the Armenia Young Lawyers Association.

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